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Pre-K – 8th Grade Supplies



1 standard size backpack

1 change of seasonal clothes in a bag labeled with name

Refillable water bottle labeled with name

1 nap rollup mat (pillow/blanket are attached and closes with Velcro) No Kindermats


We are unable to accept thick mats because they do not fit in our cubbies

$30.00 supply fee

1 backpack

$12 t-shirt fee

A change of seasonal clothing in bag labeled with name


Your student’s teacher will send you a letter this summer with the time and date of the kindergarten meeting.  We ask that you pay the supply fee at the meeting. Have a great summer!                             



$30.00 supply fee              

1 backpack                      

$30.00 supply fee

1 backpack



$30.00 supply fee

1 backpack

Refillable water bottle

$30.00 supply fee

1 backpack



$30.00 supply fee

1 backpack

$30.00 supply fee

1 backpack




$30.00 supply fee

1 backpack

$30.00 supply fee

1 backpack















High School Supplies

Each high school student should bring two boxes of tissue and one bottle of hand sanitizer for their homeroom.

Agriscience Dues:   $5.00                    

FFA Dues     $5.00


Fine Arts Fees: $5.00

                           1 White 2-inch binder

Customer Service/Workplace Safety

$5.00 class fee

1 white 1-inch binder

FACS Fees        $5.00 class fee

                         1 White 1- inch binder

                           Small basic sewing kit from Wal-Mart


All High School English

Binder large enough for all classes



Physical Science, Biology I & II, Chemistry

$5.00 class fee

1 -1” binder

2 pack loose leaf paper

1 box tissues



4 Subject notebook



Algebra I & II, & Geometry

Scientific calculator

binder with dividers & paper

1 box of tissues   

pens & pencils

Geometry Only:

ruler, protractor, & compass (metal compass works best)

US & World History, & World Geography

4 Subject notebook  


Financial Math/Math Essentials/Financial Literacy


1 – 1 ½” binder

pens & pencils


1 box of tissues                                          

Spanish I & II

Paper, notebooks or binder

pens & pencils     

1 box of tissues    


Algebra III

Scientific calculator


pens & pencils   

1 box of tissues  


Box of tissues

VWE/Entrepreneurship/Digital Media/Quest for Success


Writing Utensils


No items needed


1  - 1 subject notebook

1  pack lined index cards


Business English/Technical Writing

Writing utensil


Binder to keep papers




FHS Standard Dress Policy


Below you will find the guidance for standard dress at Fairview High School as a result of the updated parish policy.

 Uniform Tops

  • The Fairview High School uniform top must be worn to school Monday through Thursday of each week, and students will not be able to wear any other top to school on these days.
  • Students may wear any Fairview High School spirit shirt each Friday in place of the uniform top.
  • Uniform tops can be purchased through the office.
  • Only Fairview High School hoodies and sweatshirts will be allowed. Students will not be able to wear any other hoodies, sweatshirts or pullovers to school, including camouflage.
  • Students may wear jackets that completely unzip in any color.


  • Students may wear blue jean pants, shorts, jumpers and skirts that are NOT tattered, torn, ripped with holes, have cargo pockets or shorter than 4 inches above the knee.
  • Students may wear uniform-style khaki pants that are NOT tattered, torn, ripped, with holes or have cargo pockets.
  • Students may wear khaki shorts, jumpers and skirts that are NO shorter than 4 inches above the knee and without tatters, tears, rips, holes or cargo pockets.
  • Jeggings, leggings, sweat pants, wind-suit pants, nylon material pants and parachute material pants will NOT be permitted.
  • There must be a hem on the bottom of all standard dress bottoms
  • Students will not be able to wear hats.

Additional Updates to Policy

  • Shoes with a back must be worn. Crocs with a back may be worn.
  • Piercing in the nose shall be limited to a small stud on the side of the nose, no hoops or rings shall be allowed.
  • Piercings in the ears shall not be extreme or be a safety risk to the student. No gauges shall be allowed. 
  • There shall be no extremes in hair style or hair colors. Hair shall be neat and combed. Hair shall not cover students’ eyes at any time.




Updated on 5/25/2023

FHS has a new phone number:


FHS 22-23 Tiered Fidelity Inventory

Core Features Points Award/Points Possible Percentage
Tier 1 30/30 100%
Tier 2 25/26 96%
Tier 3 26/34 76%


PBIS Evaluation

For the 2021-2022 school year our school scored 97% on the PBIS Evaluation.


Baccalaureate will be held on May 10th at 6:00 pm in the Auditorium


Graduation will be held on May 16th at 7:00 pm in the gym.

Athletic Banquet

The FHS Athletic Banquet will be held May 11th at 6:00 pm in the auditorium. Tickets will be sold May 1st - 8th for $12. The meal will be catered by Café on Tenth.

Current Weather

Current Condition: overcast clouds

Temperature: 77.81˚F

Feels Like: 77.83˚F

Wind Speeds: 2.08mph

Weather humidity: 54%

Chance of Precipitation: 0.1%

Contact Information

Fairview High
4239 Highway 377
Grant, Louisiana 70644

7:30-3:00 Monday-Friday (August-May)


Phone: 337-977-8365
Fax: 318-634-5357